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So here's the deal. I have several ideas for some series that I want to do, but I'm having great difficulty trying to figure out which ones I want to do first, so I'm going to put them all here, and maybe if I'm lucky one or maybe even two people will comment what they think. Here goes:

Wendy Absorbs Girls: These will feature Wendy absorbing more people than just Lucy, in her quest for a more attractive body. Expect people such as Mirajane, Erza, and Evergreen to be absorbed. 

Natsu Absorbs Dragonslayers/S-class Wizards: Natsu begins absorbing S class wizards and Dragonslayers in his quest to be more powerful and find information relating to Igneel's disappearance. Expect people such as Mirajane, Erza, Gildarts, Gajeel and Sting to get absorbed. Natsu may or may not remain a male.

Wendy/Lucy/Spirit fusions: Already have Virgo and Aries done, resulting in Hime and Luwenri respectively, but there are 10 more Zodiac Spirits and maybe I'll even end up doing a silver key spirit or two.

 (Character) Absorbs/Fuses with/Possesses/Turns Into/Etc (Other Character): Feel free to ask if you want me to make one of these, I'll most likely do it. I mean probably. 

Comment with what you want to see, and that's probably what I'll do. 

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